"Everything Douglas Bond writes...is a fascinating read."
Joel Belz, WORLD Magazine


Hammer of the Huguenots


NEW RELEASE 2015! $12.99 author-signed and shipping included

Featuring the forgotten Reformer, Pierre Viret, Hammer of the Huguenots is a story of treachery and court intrigue set in Renaissance France, where followers of the Reformation can be stripped of home and property, thrown in prison, hunted down and massacred, or face brutal public execution for their faith in Christ alone. When every effort to bring about a peaceful resolution fails, Huguenots take up arms and France erupts in a succession of wars of religion. Some Christian families stand and fight, while others, facing the loss of everything, leave their beloved homeland and flee to the New World.

" Hammer of the Huguenots demonstrates the great advantage of a historical novel. Bond captures all of the emotions, fears, and struggles in such detail so the reader is gripped with the true reality of the brave suffering and the faithful affection for Christ of the 16th century Reformed Protestants in France." Tom Ertl, President, The Pierre Viret Association

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