"Everything Douglas Bond writes...is a fascinating read."
Joel Belz, WORLD Magazine


ENDORSEMENTS of other books publishers have asked me to review

“From the electrifying tension of the opening scene, When Lightening Struck! will instantly captivate readers. Meticulously researched, this historical novel on Martin Luther will immerse the reader in the dust and grit of 16th century Germany. You will not only feel that Luther’s struggles are you own struggles, you will enter the gates of paradise with Luther into the freedom of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Not only is Danika Cooley an engaging writer of children’s literature, she is a careful and winsome theologian. As in her Bible Road Trip, you will be in highly capable hands on the road trip of Luther’s life from works to grace. Highly recommended!” Douglas Bond, author of many books of historical fiction, including the Crown & Covenant Trilogy

"'I didn't want my daddy to stop reading, and I wished it wasn't over at the end,' so said my nine-year-old daughter about Robert Rogland's newest book. Buy this book and read it and you will see why. You are about to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the high seas (and beneath them--step aside Jules Vern) that children of every age (this one is fifty-six) will love. There's no better way to grapple with issues that are critically important for our day than by reading The Crescent and the Cross. I doubt that there's a more clear, winsome, and compassionate way for our children to learn about the great differences between Christ and Mohammad, Christianity and Islam, truth and error, and all embedded in a romping good yarn." Douglas Bond, author of Duncan's War and many books for children and adults

"This is a wrestling book! Encircled by hostile forces in the church and in the state, Zwingli was called to be a wrestler. Combining the imagination employed in his engaging children's books, Bill brings the careful scholarship of a theologian to shine a brilliant light on the complexities and conflicts of the ministry of Ulrich Zwingli. With warmth and pastoral appreciation, he demonstrates the intense practical implications of grappling with the issues that Zwingli faced, and how Christians can gain perspective for life and ministry in the church today. Buy Bill's newest book and read it. As you do, wrestle as Zwingli did against the enemies, 'armed with cruel hate,' within and without the church that plot her overthrow." Douglas Bond
“Glenda Mathes writes with energy and intentionality. When she writes about a coming tornado, it feels so real, I start glancing nervously out the window. Young people will feel like the author knows them, is inside their heads, so intimate is her knowledge of her readers. This is a frank and honest portrayal of growing up a preacher’s kid, but one that speaks to the extraordinary struggles and challenges of ordinary growing up. Highly recommended.”
Douglas Bond, author of Duncan’s War and many other works of historical fiction 

The Works of William Perkins (Reformation Heritage Books), Ed. Joel Beeke

"I absolutely love William Perkins and have learned so much from drinking at the deep refreshing wells of anything I have read from this godly prototype of, arguably, the very best of the English Puritans. Reformation Heritage Books has done the Christian world an immeasurable service by republishing--for the first time in 379 years!--this treasure trove of gospel riches. Only preachers who enjoy making their own pastoral and preaching blunders will want to proceed without RHB's Perkins near to hand." Douglas Bond


 "In a litigious-happy world where you can be sued for serving hot coffee
that's actually--hot, the Christian church must anticipate the real and
present danger of resource-sapping litigation. Read attorney Robert Renaud's book if you care about protecting the purity of the church from the wiles of the Enemy, and from the wiles of the courtroom. A meticulously researched
and articulately crafted book that every pastor, church officer, and
Christian leader must read." (forward by John MacArthur)

Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal, and other books of historical fiction and biography.



"Kids do ask some pretty tough questions! And nobody has all the answers. Read Tough Questions About the Bible (Christian Focus, 2013), however, and you may decide somebody does. With the wisdom of a tender shepherd, Joel Beeke leaves no stone unturned as he tackles weighty questions children ask. Every answer is seasoned with grace and a penetrating knowledge of the ultimate source for answers: the Word of God. When I read them with my seven and ten-year-olds they came in close, asked follow-up questions, and listened with interest and attention to Dr. Beeke’s careful answers. This book is a wonderful companion to family worship; every home should have a well-used copy never far from reach."
Douglas Bond, author of a number of books for young people, including the Crown & Covenant Trilogy

"James Chung, technological artist extraordinaire, has created an app that breathes refreshing new life into John Bunyan's perennial classic, Pilgrim's Progress. It seems somehow appropriate that the book that has never been out of print since first published in 1678, that has been produced in literally hundreds of editions, illustrated by dozens of artists over the centuries, should have pride of place among the new technologies of the information age. This brilliantly done app will help you through the Slough of Despond, Doubting Castle, Vanity Fair, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death. May it be used of God to bring many to the Place of Deliverance, the foot of the cross of Christ, and fix our gaze on the glories of the Celestial City. Buy this extraordinary app today!" Author, Douglas Bond



"Buy stock in EverReady battery if you decide to read Jeremiah Montgomery's books.  Historic fantasy at its best. It transports readers into another world, a world where the forces of evil lay siege to truth and everything worth living for. Montgomery writes fantasy like he's been there, fantasy that may be more intensely relevant to current realities than it first appears. An imaginative warning against the relentless scheme of the enemy to erode truth and leave a barren hulk in its wake." Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal, The Thunder, and other works of fiction and biography.



“Shawn Brower knows young men. Athletic coach extraordinaire, he gets inside their heads and inside their hearts. In WE BECAME MEN, young men will be challenged to step up to the plate of their calling, to press onward toward the goal of their purpose in life, and to run the race set before them and already accomplished through the triumph of their gracious Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. Here’s the perfect gift for every teen young man.”

Douglas Bond, author of a number of books for young people, including STAND FAST In the Way of Truth, and HOLD FAST, In a Broken World.



"Alicia Willis transports readers back to the troubled clash between the crushing might of Imperial Rome and the vengeful determination of the Celtic occupants of ancient Britain. From the Dark to the Dawn: A Tale of Ancient Rome will delight readers of historical fiction."
Douglas Bond, author of
Hostage Lands, Hand of Vengeance, and many other books of historical fiction and non-fiction.



"Reminiscent of Socrates in the Golden Age of Greece, Catherine Levison cross-examines a Buddhist monk, a neurosurgeon, a Vietnam Veteran, a Jewish mystic—and every type of individual in between. Listening to others is an exalted virtue—and Levison has it in spades. Not until the final pages does she—like Socrates—answer them herself: “God alone is wise.” An intriguing study, sure to raise important questions about imagination and the afterlife—and compel readers to discover the answers."

Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal and numerous books of fiction and non-fiction 


 “I have never seen so passionately executed an appeal to care for the fatherless as the feature film Rescued. Not since my time in Uganda have I felt so powerfully the urge to drop everything, knock down some walls, and fill our house to overflowing with the precious fatherless. I cannot recommend this excellent film highly enough.”

Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal and other books for adults and young people.



Reformation Heritage Books, Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children, by Joel Beeke

“In language every parent can understand, Joel Beeke demonstrates how presumptive regeneration and hyper covenantalism can bar our children from Christ and the gospel and tragically produce Pharisees. Parents who love Christ and their children will not want to miss this clear, practical, confessional, and imminently biblical work on how Christ and his gospel alone transform our covenant children.”

Douglas Bond, author of The Fathers & Sons series: STAND FAST and HOLD FAST, and THE BETRAYAL, a novel on John Calvin 

"Parents confused by neo-Calvinism’s implication that covenant children are justified by parental faithfulness will find refreshing biblical clarity in Bringing the Gospel to Our Covenant Children. In it parents will find confidence to open the Bible and show their children Christ and his gospel on every page. There may not be a more important resource for every Christian parent to read and reread as they evangelize and nurture covenant children in Christ.”  

Douglas Bond, author of The Fathers & Sons series: STAND FAST and HOLD FAST, and THE BETRAYAL, a novel on John Calvin


“May this excellent republishing of God’s Covenant With His People benefit Christ’s church in seeing that the gospel was, indeed, preached before hand to Abraham and his spiritual seed, and that all the types and shadows, and signs and seals, point to the surpassing beauty of the gospel of sovereign mercy and the glorious splendor of the Mediator of the new covenant, Jesus Christ himself.”

              – Douglas Bond, author/teacher


P&R Publishing, William the Baptist, James Chaney, Ed. Ron Evans

“With warmth and imagination, Chaney uses an engaging story-telling method, winsomely guiding readers through the Bible’s teaching on baptism. William the Baptist is an enlightening read for all who assume the Bible teaches credo-baptism and immersion. Chaney’s persuasive book also provides a confessional corrective to hyper-covenantalism, poised to infuse baptism with medieval efficacy. With editorial and theological integrity, Ron Evans has breathed refreshing life into this important 19th century volume, making the Reformed doctrine of baptism understandable to all Christians.”

Douglas Bond, author of THE BETRAYAL, a novel on John Calvin


Reformation Heritage Books, Athanasius, Against the World, Simonetta Carr

"Simonetta Carr's latest book is a wonderfully accessible addition to her growing collection of books on Church history for children . Her straightforward narrative is simple but never simplistic and will charm and inspire young readers to live for Christ, contra mundum, against the world. Every family should read these books."
Douglas Bond, author of Crown & Covenant Trilogy 


P&R Publishing, Gospel-Powered Parenting, by Bill Farley

"Bill Farley’s new book on parenting is rock solid. It is so because it is so profoundly grounded upon the all-sufficiency of the Word of God and the Gospel of grace. When it comes to parenting, Farley is no neophyte; he has been in the trenches raising sinful kids by the grace of God and for the glory of God for two decades. Nor is he going to give you theoretical platitudes; he is honest about his own deficiencies and his great need of Gospel wisdom in parenting. Here is Jonathan Edward’s theology made accessible to depraved parents raising depraved kids in a depraved world. This is, ultimately, a parenting book full of hope, hope grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ."        Douglas Bond, author of Fathers & Sons: Stand Fast in the Way of Truth, and Hold Fast in a Broken World




P&R Publishing, The Christ of Christmas, by James Montgomery Boice

"As if proclaiming the good news for the very first time, James Montgomery Boice’s exposition of Christmas will dazzle the reader with Christ, and his keen theological insight will renew the mind and strengthen the heart to fall at Jesus feet, like the shepherds of old, and call him Lord and God. A must read for families who long to restore Christ to the center of Christmas." 

Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal, a novel on John Calvin, and HOLD FAST In a Broken World


Crossway Books, Starr Meade

"Read Keeping Holiday if you’re weary of it being ‘always winter and never Christmas.’ Told with skill, imagination, and theologically informed conviction, Starr Meade’s latest book will delight readers longing to abandon the frigid wasteland of winter for the enduring joy and splendor of Holiday.” Douglas Bond




Reformation Trust (Ligonier), Sammy and His Shepherd, by Susan Hunt:

"I gave Susan Hunt’s latest book the real test: I began reading it out loud to my rambunctious five-year old. He was immediately charmed by her storytelling ability and would not let me stop! Sammy and His Shepherd combines rich theologically informed understanding with sanctified creativity that reveals the green pastures of God’s sovereign grace in all its loveliness. A must read—over and over again!" Douglas Bond


Waterbrook Press, Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court, by Chuck Black


"With sanctified imagination, Chuck Black transports readers back to the days of chivalry and valor, clashing steel, and noble conflict--but ultimately he transports readers to the eternal triumph of the King who reigns!" Douglas Bond

(Multnomah Press, 3 other books by Chuck Black, The Kingdom Series)



READER COMMENTS on some of Bond's books:

"Like G.A. Henty in an earlier era, Douglas Bond [in Guns of Providence] offers a ringside seat on the War for Independence. Bond is a historian with unusual insight, tracing a Scottish Covenanter immigrant family and revealing the truly British origins of the American Revolution."

Russ Pulliam, Indianapolis Star 
"I just finished reading The Betrayal--thank you, thank you for this wonderful work. I am using Calvin's commentary on Psalms in preparation to teach a womens Bible study this Fall. I knew I would love your book, but I was unprepared for how it made Calvin's commentary come even more alive for me. The book has drawn me to Calvin's words with a deeper gratitude than ever before. I am grateful."  Susan Hunt (WIC Chair, PCA)


"Douglas Bond is a rising star in the historical fiction genre for both older and younger people." Donna Eggett

"Hostage Lands by Bond is a fast-paced, entertaining, and informative historical novel." CALLIOPE

"Bond's always lively pen has produced a hard-hitting new work that serves as a robust clarion call to fathers and sons." CBMW

"My son tells us you are the next C. S. Lewis!" Deborah Graham, Ohio

Dear Modern Reformation,

This afternoon I read "On the Road: Walking in Calvin's Footsteps" by Douglas Bond in the June/July 2009 issue of Modern Reformation. I'd like to see more from this fellow. His writing has a 'you are there' quality that has a way of helping me remember the facts he's sharing. I found his article to be very enjoyable and informative as well. Blessings, Diane Barnett

Reviewing a book by another author, Dr. Ray Van Neste, Union University, wrote, "It lacked the verve and adventure of other books we have read. We may be spoiled by C. S. Lewis and Douglas Bond!"

My name is Gabriel Hawkins; I am 14 years old, and my siblings and I are home-schooled in Ellensburg, Washington. I first got your book “Duncan’s War” for Christmas two years ago. Ever since then I've been hooked!

I have really enjoyed reading through the “Crown and Covenant” series and the “Faith and Freedom” series as well. I have also read “Hostage Lands”. The action and suspense, along with Christian demonstrating characters are perfect. These books have really encouraged me in my walk with Christ and have opened my eyes to what really happened in Scotland, England and the American Revolution. I never realized that persecution was so great in Scotland! It has inspired me to learn more about what you write with every book. They are really "books that help boys become men."

I hope that you will continue to write. Are you planning on writing more on the M’Kethe family? Thank you for being a bright light in today's culture.

Gabriel Hawkins

Dear Mr. Bond,

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the Crown and Covenant series, and the Faith and Freedom series, and Hostage Lands.  My dad read all of them aloud to my brother, sister, and I. They are some of my favorite books, and that is saying a lot, because I love to read!

Alexandra Presley (14)


Dear Mr. Bond,

I've just finished reading Guns of the Lion and I wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved it!!!  I cannot find words sufficient to express how much I enjoyed it.  It was truly outstanding!!! I am very much looking forward to the next book! :) Thank you for all of your books.  They are definitely ones to be read and enjoyed over and over again! Savannah Cochran

Dear Mr. Bond,
  I know you get a lot of these emails every day, but I just finished Hostage Lands, and had to thank you. I am fifteen, and I and my six younger brothers have loved your Crown and Covenant Trilogy
    1. A solid Christian foundation
    2. True history
    3. Good writing
Please don't stop! You make history thrilling in an amazing way. God bless your work! Thank you, Hannah L. (Texas)
as well. Your books have three rare components woven together :

"A perfect integration of history and Latin. Great historic fiction. Highly recommended!" Veritas Press


"My son tells us you are the next C. S. Lewis!" Deborah Graham, New Carlisle, Ohio


"We had trouble putting Hostage Lands down. We are familiar with the great authors. You are a great writer and communicator." Bill Busshaus


"In this fast-paced story, Douglas Bond brings ancient history to life. The plot is complex. The characters—both the winsome and the despicable—are multidimensional and thoroughly believable. Along with Roman Centurion Rusticus and his Celt friend, Calum, readers will grapple with questions of loyalty, honor, duty, and truth. Hostage Lands is an entertaining, instructive, thought provoking, and ultimately satisfying historical adventure." Katy Johnson, curriculum development, Tacoma Public Schools


“Douglas Bond has done it again." R. C. Sproul Jr


"A great story that you don't want to put down," March 16 "Seriously, [Hostage Lands] was just a great read. I sat down to read the first couple chapters one evening and didn't end up going to bed until 2 because I wanted to finish the book. Kids will love it as will adults." Pat Connally "


"STAND FAST is superb.  It is at once engaging and hard-hitting...

captures the heart in a way more reflective of Christ's manner than other authors have managed."Reader review by D. and M. L. Spear


Russ Pulliam, The Indianapolis Star, wrote of HOLD FAST In a Broken World:

    "Already well established in historical fiction for young people, Douglas Bond now offers a more direct and vital message for young men and their fathers. With ample story-telling ability, he warns them of the pitfalls and opportunities of youth in a debased culture. The result is a first-class textbook on modern culture, with much wise and challenging counsel for young men and their fathers."

"The style is engaging...  The pithy sayings, crisp language, cheerfulness without cheekiness or carelessness, wonderful vignettes and anecdotes, all combine to maintain interest, and give clarity and depth.  Really, STAND FAST is a remarkable work." Paul Walker

"Just what kind of books are the Mr. Pipes stories? Are they lessons in church history? Are they guides to family devotions? Are they unit studies on hymnody and classic ecclesiastical music? Are they basic theological primers? The answer is yes, they are all these. But what is more, they are also delightful tales with memorable characters and intriguing plot twists. In other words, these are the kind of books every family is going to want to have and read--and reread again and again." George Grant, Author of Going Somewhere and The Christian Almanac


"Douglas Bond has introduced a new generation to the heroics of the Scottish Covenanters, and he has done it in a delightful way. A gripping tale full of action, purpose, principle, and character." Ligon Duncan, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

According to A. Douglas Lamb, Scottish Covenanters Memorials Association, Scotland, Duncan's War is "A splendid tale told with imagination and skill, set against an authentic background. Enjoy it, learn from it, and be grateful." 

Sinclair B. Ferguson, St. George's-Tron Parish Church, Glasgow, wrote that Duncan's War "Will lift you into the 17th century and onto the moorlands of Scotland. This is the danger-zone inhabited by evil, danger, death, courage, and faith. A story not to be missed." 


Dear Mr. Bond,

I love your Crown & Covenant series! They are my favorite books! I picked the first book up one day, started the first chapter, and couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed the series so much that I started waking up at 5:00 in the morning so that I could read before school started! Once I finished the first one I instantly got the second one out and read that one, too. These are the best Christian books around which were written by an author still living in the present century. Your books were a great encouragement to me, and I really loved the discussions and Bible studies led by the father M’Kethe. It really put a new light on things. I am only 12 years old, but I think that your books would be good for anyone from 8 to 80. Thanks for the great books, and the wonderful Christian encouragement!


Joe Brackbill

P.S. my email address is ... if you ever want to write back! It would be cool to have a friend like you! Thanks!

Mr. Bond, I am writing to thank you for your ministry to children through books. Tonight, my 10 year old son, Joshua, confessed faith in the Lord Jesus and repented of his sins. As we spoke, he told me how God was convicting him of his sins and needed to trust Christ for salvation. He told me that reading the Scriptures and reading your books God has opened his eyes. Joshua is an avid reader, he loves C. S. Lewis (he read the entire Narnia series 9 times in one year) and Tolkien, but he said that your books are more important to him because they have helped him understand Scripture and his need for redemption. Thank you for writing to children and God bless,

Jimmy Williams



Rev. Robert Rayburn, Rev. Richard DeMass, and Elders (please forward to the elders as appropriate):


First and foremost, thank you for welcoming us to your congregation.  .. it has been like drinking cool sweet refreshing water to worship with you.  Each one in our family (including Simona, Samuel, and Sionna) has been richly blessed by your ministry to us, the faithful and effective preaching of God’s word, the God centered worship, the music, and the people who have shown a personal interest in us.  We can honestly say that we look forward to each Lord’s Day with you and that you have been instrumental in helping us to call the Sabbath our delight.  Thank you!...


Obviously we come from afar and that inhibits us from being an active part of your local church community.  Nonetheless, the Sunday drives have actually been quite pleasant as we have been reading Doug Bond’s books.  Once as we pulled into the parking lot while at a very exciting and suspenseful part in the book we even wished for a church farther away so we could keep reading....


In Christ our Lord,

Doug & Mary Lynn Spear


ps: The truth is we have finished reading all of Doug Bonds books and it seems his publisher is in no hurry to release the next one.  Regrettably, this inhibits our ability to drive an hour to church.  Although I have not spoken with Jason on the matter yet, I expect he is capable of writing some short stories that will suffice for the ten minute drive to EPC.

Mr. Bond,

First I wanted to thank you for the wonderful "Crown and Covenant" series that you have written.  I was introduced to those books by a friend and could barely put them down to sleep.  My younger brother also immensely enjoyed them.  I only wish that I could imitate the Scottish brogue well enough to read them aloud to the youngest of my family!  I think what I liked best about them was the way you showed Sandy M'Kethe's struggle with when and if fighting is the way to go.  Not long after reading the "Crown and Covenant" books, my older brother brought up that very topic and I had a clearer idea of how to explain my point from reading those stories. Many thanks for all that you do.

In the King's service,
Brittanie Lassiter

Dear Mr. Bond, 

                     I very much enjoyed your books. I received King's Arrow & Rebel's Keep for Christmas from my parents, and I was hoping to get Duncan's War from my grandparents. But they didn't get it for me, so I had to wait about a week to start them. My favorite was Duncan's War. Then on about the first week of March I got Hostage Lands which was the day I finished Rebel's Keep. And I just finished Hostage Lands (which I like very much to) on 4-9-06. I am now looking to the Gun's of Louisbourg. I hope this isn't to many questions. What is the the title to the book about the Huguenots?  And are you going to do a page for Hostage Lands like you did for C&C and Mr. Pipes? Thank you for your books.      Sincerely, Nathan Amyx (12 years old)

Hello Mr. Bond!  You've done it again.  Those of us in our home that have read this new book love it.  I wrote to you several years ago about the Crown and Covenant series...my pastor's wife is the one who said that she wanted to read the third book in the series before she died and that she was an old lady!  Well, she's not that old and she has read the third book and enjoyed it as well. We also have all 4 Mr. Pipes books and they are wonderful too.

    Chris Short

   "War against rebellion was messy and slow,

like eating soup with a knife." -- T. E. Lawrence

Mr. Bond,
    I am 14 years old and I really enjoy your Crown and Covenant series. I got the first 3 for Christmas and read them all in about 1 1/2 weeks!  Right now I am in the process of reading the series for the 2ed time. I was sooo excited when I visited your website the other day and found you are writing a 4th book!  I was wondering when it's due to be published?  I am greatly looking forward to reading it and following the M'Kethe family on more wonderful adventures! 

Thank you,

Jaimie Tate


Dear Mr. Bond,
I am looking forward to reading all of your books. Right now I'm on chapter 4 (Duncan's War), and it's one of the best books I have ever read. Home
Caleb Nicholas Carter

May, 2005

Hello Mr Bond,
I have been reading your books aloud to my 8 & 10 yr old boys.  We all thoroughly enjoyed each one. This evening Books a Million called to say Rebel's Keep was in.  Of course, we couldn't wait to pick it up.  And I couldn't wait to read it for myself.  My kids are disappointed when I read ahead but I was eager to see how the story would unfold.  So after they went to bed I finished the book.  I was reluctant to say good bye to the M'Kethe family & hoped you would consider a book on Jaime & Fiona.  But we will look forward to hearing about Malcolm & his clan in the colonies (Books in Progress). WE have also started reading aloud our 1st Mr Pipes book. We look forward to reading everything that you write. Thanks for writing stories about characters with such godly character & knowledge of The Word. We appreciate your hard work!
Kris V., Florida

I bought Duncan's War from Amazon and gave it to Natalie to read. She devoured it. Then she gave it the highest compliment: "Dad, I liked it BETTER than Harry Potter!" We really like the Harry Potter series because of the interesting characters and all the cool imagery. As a ten-year-old, they got Austin interested in reading when nothing else interested him. Natalie, too. But, as much as she enjoyed them, she liked yours better because the characters seemed real. Most kids differentiate fantasy from reality. They know cartoons aren't real life. She liked yours better because it seemed real to her. Rachel bought the second one yesterday at Logos and Natalie disappeared to her room early last night. She is now well into it. Austin is halfway through Duncan's War. I think you've got some winners on you hands! Paul, Hawaii

Mr. Bond, I would like to thank you for writing the Crown and Covenant series! I love Scottish history but have never been able to find any good Christian books about the Covenanters or Scots historical figures like William Wallace or Robert de Bruce. You have rescued me! The books transport me to the 1600's and make everything seem alive! Please, keep up the good work and bring the M'Kethes home!

God Bless! Hannah R.

Oct. 15, 2004

Dear Mr. Bond,

I love your books!!!! My brother and I have bought all three of your books Duncan's War, Kings Arrow, and Rebel's Keep as they came out. And we LOVE them!!! I wanted to thank you for not filling then with romance. I am the oldest of six kids and we are a conservative home school family. When I read your books it is just as if I am with Duncan and Angus. My brother Jim (13 years old) and I have enjoyed reading and discussing your books. And surprisingly enough, my name is Lyndsey Duncan. The only thing different is my name is spelled different than Lindsay’s. At this time I have completed four books and hope to someday write wholesome books for teen girls. Please keep writing!!!! May the Lord BLESS you and keep you today. And may he bless the words you write as you seek to express the thrilling story of the M'Kethe brothers (and son).

Author in training, Lyndsey R. Duncan (15 years old)

Dear Mr. Bond,

I ordered your Crown & Covenant series and read all three in a week!  They were honestly some of the best books I have ever read, and they seem to really take you into the period of time you are reading about.  I fumed with rage at Claverhouse and his evil deeds, laughed so hard I shook at Malcolm's constant chatter, and cried like a baby when...(you'll have to read it to find out why she cried--DB).  Thank you for writing such a great series.  Too bad it's over! (Note: see books in progress)


Zoya Dushaj,13, homeschooler from MI


Who is Mr. Pipes?

I get asked this from time to time. Well, below find a fun email exchange from Mr. Pipes--his real name!


Dear Mr Bond,
I was fascinated to discover recently that you have written a series of books about Mr Pipes of Olney. Several members of my family either have - or do - live there including my mother. I currently live a mere two miles away and am an organist.. and yes, I have actually played for services at SS Peter & Paul once or twice in the past. What a coincidence!
Best Wishes,
Robert Pipes
Newport Pagnell
Bucks MK16 9ET


(My reply)

Dear Mr. Pipes (it feels odd to address a note this way!),

Remarkable! I had no idea that there was a "real" Mr. Pipes when I first got the idea for the books, what's more, that he would be an organist, and live so near Olney. It's almost too coincidental (so coincidental, I've even wondered if this was a prank email! Forgive me if it's not!). I regularly bring a group of American high school students to the UK for church and literary history study tours. We always stop in Olney and visit Newton and Cowper sites there--and sing their hymns along with the "Battleship Binns" organ in that wonderful place. Would you object to me posting your email on my web site as a point of interest for my readers? Thank you for writing!
God be with you,
Douglas Bond


(Mr. Pipes' reply)

Dear Mr Bond,
Thanks for your e-mail; I do assure you I actually exist with this peculiar name - but I can quite understand your anxiety aout spoof e-mails. Every time I used to take a piano exam when I was a boy, some witty examiner would always say, "You ought to be playing the organ!". It was always my ambition to do so as soon as I'd spent a short while in the church choir (at Sherington).

I am currently one of the duty organists at St Mary the Virgin, Wellingborough, where you will find me listed on the website under 'whos who', organists. www.stmarywellingborough.org.uk   For my real work, I am lay Chaplain at a boys school in north London. www.hallschool.co.uk

It was my brother-in-law (an immigration officer with too much time on his hands on night duty!) who first discovered mention of your books on the Internet - he was looking into the family tree I think.

By all means post my e-mail if you wish. One of these days I must read your books!
With all good wishes,

Robert Pipes
Newport Pagnell
Bucks MK16 9ET
01234 71153101234 711531
01536 72685201536 726852 (Isham)
0207 586 37640207 586 3764 (London)



January, 07

Dear Mr Bond,
my name is hannah, i wrote to you last year with the question of whether abdul became a christian or not in The Accidental Voyage (you probably get alot of questions like that but oh well!). well, i have another question for you. in the middle of the year i will be going to england and am most deffinately going to see olney and bedford. my question is, is the Fighting Pike Inn real? (from the first Mr. Pipes story). if it is, then i was considering staying there.

i woud just like to encourage you again. i learning very much from these books and will take little peices of information about all the hymn writers that lived in olney and bedford over to england so that i can remember them as i see where they lived. thank you so much again!

Hannah Bradshaw (sorry, Hannah, I made it up! There is an old mill there that gave me the idea for the Fighting Pike Inn, db)

Received May, 2005

Mr. Bond,

Thank you very much for the Mr. Pipes books and the Crown and Covenant series. Our family has enjoyed both very much and are looking forward to the next books in each series. We read the books together as a family and are on our second time through the Mr. Pipes books. I appreciate the way you give insight into the history of the hymns and the hymn writers, but especially appreciate your instruction on the nature and importance of the quality of hymns and the way you present the gospel, the truths of Scripture and the glory of God through the hymns. And we also appreciate the added information on the culture and history of the locations where you take us in the books (see question for author).
Thank you.
Gary Voelkers

Received June 9, 2004

Dear Mr. Bond,

    Your Mr. Pipes books are wonderful! I have all three of them, and all of them are great! I do hope you will continue writing them!!! Reading your Mr. Pipes books charms me. I'm asking you this simple question: "Will you please write more Mr. Pipes books?"

Sincerely, Miss K. Savard, 12, Arizona  

"Douglas Bond introduces John Calvin to us in a gripping way, colorfully taking us back to Geneva and its times, unveiling Calvin as the principled man of action, commitment, and love that he was. The Betrayal makes for an exciting read, showing the great Reformer's heart for theology, piety, and doxology, while almost effortlessly and implicitly undoing caricatures about Calvin along the way. If you want Calvin and his times brought to life in a page-turner, this is the book for you!"

Joel R. Beeke


Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Grand Rapids


"With masterful insight, Douglas Bond offers us an illuminating portrait of the life, ministry, and theology of John Calvin. For readers of all ages, this well-researched, historical fiction takes us back to the sixteenth-century Reformation as if we were eye-witnesses of all that God accomplished in and through the life of His humble servant John Calvin. If you enjoy reading the fictional works of C. S. Lewis, you will love this book." 

Burk Parsons

Editor of Tabletalk magazine

Minister of congregational life at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida


"Another great piece of historical fiction from Douglas Bond! As in his previous books, Bond provides a compelling narrative with clear historical accuracy and rich theological reflection. I don’t know if I have ever seen these aspects so compelling combined as in Bond’s books. This is why Douglas Bond is one of my family’s favorite authors. In this book Bond helps the reader grasp the humanness of Calvin, the manner of life in 16th century Europe and the real struggle for the gospel. This is a great entry way into the life of Calvin and the Reformation in general. It is entertaining and spiritually edifying. I commend it heartily."

Ray Van Neste, Ph.D.

 Director, R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies

Union University, Jackson, TN


“The events and ideas of John Calvin are captured in a lively, historical fiction, giving the famous theology a heart and voice.   Douglas Bond’s eye for cultural detail frames the debates of the day in a specific time and geography, resulting in a fresh vision for our own times.  Well done.”


Dr. Mike Sugimoto

Visiting Professor

Asian Studies and Great Books Programs
Lausanne, Switzerland

Pepperdine University


"Douglas Bond takes us on a journey to Calvin's times and places in a manner most colorful, convincing, and captivating. I felt like I was there." 

Paul S. Jones, D.M.

Organist and Music Director

Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia


“Douglas Bond's latest novel introduces many to a prejudicially ignored character: John Calvin. This historical fiction brings Calvin back from an unwarranted oblivion. Thanks to Bond's vivid writing style and thorough acquaintance with the period, readers now have a looking glass into the life and history of a great man. I am pleased to commend this fine book to readers, especially those who will meet Calvin in these pages just in time for the 500th anniversary of his birth.”

David W. Hall, Executive Director



   "Mr. Bond, What an accomplishment! Your portrayal of Calvin--through the eyes of Jean-Louis--is sobering and heartfelt and impossible to forget. Even those with little prior knowledge of this church forefather will be hard-pressed to set this book down. The narrative is lively, the action engaging, and the historical scope you give the reader is compelling. I was convicted by how selfless Calvin was in everything--refusing his earthly goods, trusting God to sustain him through tragedy, and forgiving his betrayer in the end. You forget how mature Calvin was as well; I was amazed that he was delivering the "grace alone" message in his twenties..."

Alisa T., former student of the author
















The Betrayal
By Douglas Bond

"It is better to limp on the right way than to run on the wrong." So opens the profound narrative of a man at odds with himself and God, a man who ties his life into that of the very person whom he has loathed since childhood: John Calvin. Douglas Bond, author of several successful historical fiction novels, weaves a superb tapestry of hate, forgiveness, and faithfulness. With many examples of God's ability to change the hearts of man, as well as the power of faith, this book serves as a testimony to the providence of God and seeks to glorify Him.

Set against the backdrop of 16th-century France, The Betrayal follows Jean-Louis Mourin, a fictional schoolmate of John Calvin. Calvin's vastly superior intellect, status, and privileges soon provoke Jean-Louis to jealousy and eventually hatred. As the two boys become men, their lives take drastically different paths. Jean-Louis becomes an apprentice in his harsh father's tannery, and Calvin becomes chaplain of their small town of Noyon. As the Black Death, sweeps through France everyone dear to Jean-Louis falls prey to the epidemic. Tormented by grief, anger, and revulsion, he stows away under the Calvins' carriage as they flee to Paris. While there, he disguises himself and offers his services to Calvin. Upon being accepted, he becomes Calvin's personal attendant. This sets the tone for the rest of the book, as Jean-Louis observes firsthand the critical events of John Calvin's life, such as the writing of the Institutes, the Lausanne debate, and his work in Geneva.

During this time, tensions are rapidly increasing between the church and monarchy. Spies are everywhere. Support for the Reformers and their "heretical" doctrine of sola gratia (salvation by grace alone) is viewed as treason and is punishable by death. Handsome rewards are offered to licensed informers. Driven by greed and the chance for vengeance, Jean-Louis obtains a commission. He then sets out to incriminate Calvin and anyone else he can. Yet, can he bring himself to betray the man who inexplicably awes and fascinates him? Calvin's words torture his soul with guilt, and yet they call to him.

Filled with vivid descriptions, elaborate intrigues, emotional turmoil, godly reverence, sound theology, and overall historical accuracy, this novel is both gripping and introspective. The Betrayal is a rare treat--literarily, intellectually and spiritually. I highly recommend it!



The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) Jeff Robinson, March 14, 2008


    "Many Christian readers know Douglas Bond through his historical fiction trilogy, Crown and Covenant, which brings to life the heroics of the Scottish Covenanters in 17th century Scotland. Bond's always lively pen has produced a hard-hitting new work of non-fiction, a work that serves as a robust clarion call to fathers and sons to live out Paul's admonition in 1 Cor. 16:13: "Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong."

    Stand Fast in the Way of Truth (P&R), is the first in a two-volume study designed to teach men and boys to execute joyfully their God-ordained responsibilities as fathers, sons and leaders. Written in the form of a hortatory address in the second person singular, Bond speaks directly and firmly to sons in terms of God's expectations as they relate to His infinitely-wise blueprint for manhood.

    Bond gives both fathers and sons an engagingly written feast of penetrating biblical/theological analysis and robust application. Bond admonishes his young readers to shun the passing vainglory of those whom the world honors-Hollywood celebrities, pro sports stars and pop music icons-and calls on them to find their role models among those who live with abandon to the glory of God. He sets forth how a young man is to think, seek God, avoid falling prey to sin and self-destruction.

    Bond also helps the young man to put sports and competition in their proper perspectives. He looks at the utter necessity of exercising self-control with respect to women, sex, dating and ethics. He unpacks for the young man a biblical theology of speech, gratitude and good manners and unmasks what he calls "the farce of cool," which he describes as a sinful self-centered ethos, one that contemporary culture prizes supremely.

    The author points the young man to the crucial nature of understanding the complementarity of Word and Spirit as they conspire to work out progressive sanctification in his heart. Bond demonstrates how a young man is to pray and interpret the Bible, concluding that a robust prayer life, a Christ-centered hermeneutic and a theology centered on sovereign grace serve as fundamental cornerstones upon which a comprehensive Christian worldview must be built.

    Stand Fast is filled with Scripture and also quotes many important figures in church history, including the Reformers and the Puritans. Helpful appendices include a bibliography of books that constitute must-reading for every young man (Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and J.C. Ryle's Thoughts for Young Men are two examples) who would dare to be faithful to God as well as 'A Young Man's Hymnal,' which provides lyrics for numerous classic hymns such as Luther's 'A Mighty Fortress' and Walter Chalmers Smith's 'Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise.'"


Christian Book Previews.com


Officially listed as teen fiction, Hostage Lands has an appeal which reaches a larger audience, from approximately 10 years old through adult. Set in English farmlands near the remains of Hadrian's Wall, this historical adventure can be read for its entertainment value alone; but, the reader will also find out what it can cost to be a follower of our Lord, as well as gaining some fine Christian perspectives for living.

In contemporary
England, eccentric, extremely laughable Miss Klitsa's Latin class alternates between soporific trance and wild hilarity at the teacher's expense. The protagonist of this story, Neil Perkins, gets to drive his ATV to school everyday, and it isn't only teenage readers who grow green with envy. He often leads in the hilarity aimed at the redoubtable Miss Klitsa. Then one fateful day, Neil and his ATV hair-raisingly gouge a ditch near Hadrian's Wall and he finds an ancient manuscript. The only one who can help him is Miss Klitsa.

As Neil translates the manuscript, the reader falls headlong into a spine-tingling Roman/Celtic adventure of sword-play, treachery, fearful undertakings, wild men vs. civilized people, undying friendship, and impossible decisions. It's hard to put this book down and just as hard not to assimilate the lessons: true friendship; patriotism gone awry; willingness to die for another; various battle styles and the war equipment for each; some intriguing English archaeological lessons; accepting people as worthwhile even when you think them ridiculous; and a great deal more.

High school history and English teacher as well as author, Douglas Bond knows how to portray people of all ages. He is a rising star in the historical fiction genre for both older and younger people. Not satisfied with his own history background, Bond draws on the research of other historians. With a wide but understandable vocabulary, a talent for keeping the plot under control, a penchant for characterization, and a wonderful imagination, Bond presents a tale sure to engross any reader. A glossary of terms and a Roman timeline help keep the audience on track. As well as being a good read for the individual, Hostage Lands makes a fine read-aloud book. - Donna Eggett, Christian Book Previews.com

Google for more on-line reviews


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