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Novemeber 22, 1963, CS Lewis died. In memory thereof, we're offering today's 2-for-1 gift bundle discount. Stock up for Christmas gifts! Order 2 signed copies, shipping included; browse the rest of my books--Christmas is coming! Additional book orders include Free Rise & Worship album cd with your order. 


Here's just a few comments from readers and endorsers of my WWI yarn set in teen atheist 2/Lt CS Lewis's platoon in the Somerset Light Infantry on the Western Front:


“I just finished reading Douglas Bond's new book, War in the Wasteland - Oh my, it was so good! I just loved it, especially the passages in which the young atheist C.S. Lewis wrestled with the problem of evil. The way Bond explored the depths of the human soul in the face of war was masterful. His writing allowed me to feel for myself the strange and difficult emotions of the characters, giving powerful insight into the harsh realities of wartime struggle. Well done, Douglas Bond!” Bethany Cole


"Douglas Bond and G.A. Henty are two of a kind. It is hard to stop reading their books. This 84-year-old stayed up way past his bed time reading War in the Wasteland." Barney Siebert

‘I'm really enjoying reading Douglas Bond's "War in the Wasteland" - historical fiction with WW1 for the context. The character Lt. Johnson reasons with the atheist C. S. Lewis’:


Lewis sighed heavily into the darkness. “All right, my idea of justice—it’s merely my own, my own private idea about what ought to be.”

“Now there’s another admirable evasion,” said Johnson. “By privatizing justice, you’ve just collapsed your entire argument against God. Your argument depends on you saying that the world really is unjust, not simply that it doesn’t happen to please your fancy about what you think is just. Thus in the very act of trying to prove that God does not exist you have affirmed a universal notion of injustice, and, therefore—by rigorous necessity—you have affirmed a universal notion of justice.

“As it stands, your argument against God removes the organ yet still demands its function. You want the function, a just world, but without a God of justice. To be blunt, my friend, you castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. Lay down your arms, Jack, in the very act of caring about a just world, you declare that life has meaning.”


[Lewis:] "The war, the killing, this barren wasteland that used to be fair France—how could there be any sense in any of this?” He was almost shouting.

“How could there not be?” said Johnson. “If there were no sense in any of it, we wouldn’t be feeling in our chests what we are feeling right now...."


“If there was no sense in any of this, Jack,” he continued, “you and I would not have our endless arguments, now, would we? Your participation in this conversation forces you to believe that one part of reality—namely your idea of justice—is full of sense. Jack, Jack! Your professed atheism, it turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, you should never have found out that it has no meaning."

"The best historical fiction I have ever read. I couldn't put it down and learned lots about WW I."


“Bond paints a vivid picture of the battle for the soul of teen atheist 2/Lt. C.S. Lewis.” MIKE T. SUGIMOTO, Professor, Pepperdine University


"Put this book at the top of your must-read list." GEORGE GRANT, pastor, author 

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