"Everything Douglas Bond writes...is a fascinating read."
Joel Belz, WORLD Magazine

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"You just can't go wrong with Bond!" W. Cain


"I especially like the fact that all your books 'read' differently. No one can say they are formulaic, just change the players and place." ML Spear

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"History is easier to remember the Bond way!" Unit studies using Bond's books: Download FREE PDF timeline 

WAR IN THE WASTELAND --1914-1918 World War I historical fiction (teen atheist 2/Lt CS Lewis appearing) now available! 

GOD'S SERVANT JOB --Children's picture book in verse on themes from biblical history.

HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS--1560s, Renaissance Reformation France (NEW release, June, 2015)

CROWN & COVENANT TRILOGY --1666-1681, Scotland/England

FAITH & FREEDOM TRILOGY -- 1740-1779, American colonies/Jacobite Rebellion

MR. PIPES & THE BRITISH HYMN MAKERS -- 17th-19th centuries, England/Scotland/Wales

MR PIPES & PSALMS AND HYMNS OF THE REFORMATION -- 16th and 17th century Europe

MR. PIPES COMES TO AMERICA --17th-20th century America

THE ACCIDENTAL VOYAGE -- 2nd-13th century Europe 

THE BETRAYAL -- 16th century Reformation, Life of John Calvin (adult and mature readers)

THE THUNDER -- 16th century Reformation, Life of John Knox (adult and mature readers) "...a smashing job, ...simply an amazing tale told exceptionally well." Reformed Perspective

HOSTAGE LANDS -- 3rd century Roman Britain

HAND OF VENGEANCE -- 8th century Anglo-Saxon NEW!

Books in Progress:

THE REVOLT --14th century England, a novel set in John Wycliffe's times

THE BATTLE OF SEATTLE --Indian War 1855 Puget Sound, eve of Civil War

"All of Douglas Bond's books are excellent reads! You just can't go wrong with Bond. If I had one favorite author of historical novels who was living, it would be Douglas Bond. It will keep you on the edge of your seat with all the action! Filled with history and encouragement to keep the faith. You'll definitely enjoy books by Bond!" W. Cain 

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"We just love Douglas Bond's books. I only wish he could write one a week to keep up with my boys' reading appetite!" Dr. David P. Murray

"I’m tired of 'Christian fiction' that reads like soap operas. I found DUNCAN'S WAR so moving that I’ve ordered the other two books in the series." Teresa

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"Not only are my kids reading good literature but they are getting layers of great teaching. Honest Christian doctrine, treasures of church history and characters I would love my children to meet, who model excellent Christian character. The Crown & Covenant Trilogy was like a gourmet meal, complex and delicious! Thanks so much for your great books." Dana Edgar, AK  

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From Tim Challies' review of my book THE BETRAYAL

"I was sometimes amazed at just how much of Calvin’s life is present in this book but never in such a way that the novel becomes bogged down in irrelevant details. Bond has done a great job of integrating reality with fiction so the reader will hardly know when one begins and the other ends."                           Tim Challies, author, blogger

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