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"Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial 'we.'" (Mark Twain)


Proof reading, content editing, copy editing, writing advisory, publishing strategies

with author Douglas Bond

"This is amazing! You don't miss anything!" Director of development, Reformed University Fellowship 

Are you a writer wondering what to do with your manuscript? Do you have young-

adult writers in your home? Do you wonder what to do with them, how best to help

them hone their skills and take the next steps in their writing? Have you wished there 

was some way you could have a professional writer, editor, and publicist critique your 

writing or that of your young-adult writer? Editing Services with Douglas Bond, 

author of more than thirty books, numerous articles, lyricist of New Reformation

Hymns, director of the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, may be the affordable

solution for you or your young-adult writer.

"The cleanest editing I've seen," said WORLD Journalism Institute's Robert Case


1. Synopsis and three-chapter critique. Send Douglas Bond a 150-word synopsis of

your fiction or non-fiction book, screenplay, script, lyric poem, etc. Include three

chapters (2,500 word maximum) for critique, assessment, and next-steps advisory. $100

2. Common Application essay critique and consult. Increasingly, institutions of

higher learning are depending on the quality of a prospective student’s common

application essays to determine acceptance and eligibility for scholarships. These

essays literally can be worth thousands of dollars in scholarship funds—if they are well-crafted and stand out above the crowd. Bond has taught essay writing for decades, his students winning numerous essays contests, including a sweep of the first, second, and third prizes in the double-blind-judged Optimist Essay Writing Contest 2015 (over 700 high-school-aged students from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia submitted essays). $75 per essay

3. Whole manuscript copy editing. Copy editing for clarity and consistency is an essential cleaning of the manuscript, readying it for publication. I recommend this service  for experienced writers. $.017 per word (50% deposit, balance upon completion)

4. Whole manuscript content and developmental editing (includes copy editing) provides in-depth critique of character and plot development, and consistency of style between the various voices in a story. $.0325 per word (50% deposit, balance upon completion)

Send Douglas Bond Editing Services an email

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