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"Through Bond tours we have made friends for eternity!"

Join author Douglas Bond and experience history where it happened!
Our 2023 Rome to Geneva tour was a wonderful success!
Find out more about FRANKFURT to PRAGUE 2024

For more than two decades, author Douglas Bond has guided hundreds of students and families on never-to-be-forgotten adventures exploring Western Civilization and Church history in Europe. Our goal is to connect this generation with the people of God who contended for the gospel throughout the centuries.--And we give you much more for half the price of other tours!


Find out more about Bond Tour 2024--LUTHER and HUS, Frankfurt to Prague Tour--space is filling fast on this tour (early registration discount, closing soon)!

"...the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight." Psalm 16:3

Participants in our tours experience all the richness of art, architecture, music, the vast beauty and splendor of the monuments of Western Civilization, but rather than see it through a truncated secularist's lens, we provide a unified cohesive Christian world view, with philosophical and theological continuity--and loads of fun and fellowship! The carefully researched sites you will experience on a Bond tour are the result of over twenty-five years of exploring and writing numerous books set in many of the very places we will take you to. Along with all the  fun, food, and fellowship enjoyed while exploring spectacular sites together, our goal on every tour is that Christians today, as they encounter followers of Jesus Christ from the past, will be equipped and inspired to hazard all for the good news of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

"I commend Bond's knowledge of history. I've heard very few people who have such an extensive knowledge of Church history and who really see it with all of the important distinctions." TIM CHALLIES


I can't express our mission better than this:

"...of all the trips we have taken, we are most blessed by the trips we took with you...  You are an enthusiastic and gifted teacher, guide and writer.  You are so creative in your tour designs and so thoughtful toward those you lead in carrying them out.  Everywhere and in all things, we believe you exalted Christ.  It was such a privilege to be under your care and teaching! The Lord has greatly gifted you for his service."

The Honorable Justice  Jim DeWeese and his wife Cyndee

Bond featured on CBS London leading Church history tour

“When you’re on a tour with Douglas Bond you see fascinating things you would have entirely missed on your own.”


“This was a miracle tour for me. Wonderful! I was encouraged to run the race.” Kristen


“Bond tours give us a perspective far larger than our own. ‘To whom much is given, much will be expected.’ What is expected of us after such a tour?” David


“Doug, you are one of a kind in the best possible way. God used you to bless my wife and I in rich and wonderful ways.” Dwayne


"It was like a Church history course right where it happened" said a recent Bond tour traveler. 


Bond has more than 25 years of boots-on-the-ground experience organizing, directing, and leading European tours

2023--Summer OCWMC

2023--Rome to Geneva Tour

2023--Spring OCWMC 

2023--Rome to Venice student tour

2022--Early Church in the British Isles Tour

2022--Oxford Creative Writing Master Class

(2020-2021 multiple tours canceled--stay tuned!)

2019 England & Scotland Church History Tour (June 25-July 5)

2019 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (Jume 15-22)

2019 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (April 2-9)

2018 Armistice Centenary Tour (June 15-25)

2018 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (April)

2017 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (Summer)

2017 Luther 500 Tour

2017 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (Spring)

2016 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (Summer)

2016 English Church History & Hymn Tour

2016 Oxford Creative Writing Master Class (Spring)

2015 Rome to Geneva Tour

2014 John Knox 500 Tour

2014 UK/Normandy Student Tour

2013 Reformation For All Time Tour

2012 UK/Normandy History Tour

2012 Hymns For All Time Tour

2011 Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour

2010 UK/Normandy Student Tour

2009 John Calvin 500 Tour

1996-2009 Biennial Tours of UK and Narmandy

What sets Bond tours apart from the big corporate tours?

--Experience: Bond did not gain his knowledge of European sites from Wikipedia. Bond's decades of research and writing books on-location mean that his guests not only learn the significance of the big tourist sites; they meet local students, teachers, pastors, and friends; and explore unique and wonderful sites the corporate tour director doesn't even know exist. 

--Unified world view: You will not just hear ghost stories, witty anecdotes, and, increasingly, cultural and theological slurs. Politically correct secular tour guides will often disparage and slander the historical figures Christians had hoped to celebrate. That never happens on a Bond tour.

--Continuity: Sensory overload often occurs when bagging cities and sites on a big-box corporate tour. Bond provides careful philosophical and theological cohesion to every episode of his tours.

--PRICE! Here's what one of our repeat travelers has said, "Bond tours are 5-star tours at 3-star prices." 

“I’d heard some of these names before but Douglas Bond brought it all together. I was frequently in tears of wonder and appreciation.” Jim

--Join me on the REFORMATION BOND TOUR 2024!--

Sample student tour itineraries

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Considering a European student tour?

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Bond Tour Itineraries

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Calvin 500 

2009 Tour

"The tour far and away exceeded all our expectations."

UK & France

Tour, 2010

"Words really fail me here - if only I had Mr. Bond's talents!  I am so incredibly blessed.

Your enthusiasm for history and literature are contagious."

KNOX 500 

Tour 2014

"History is easier to remember

the Bond way!"

Reformation Tour 2013

Through the Bond tours

we have made friends

for eternity!

Tour Participant Reviews:

"The tour way exceeded my expectations--and I expected it to be great!"

(UK/France 2014, follow blog images of the tour and see the Queen!)


"So thankful for the life-changing experience in Europe on the Reformation 2013 tour!

It was wonderful--we were reminded so often of God's free grace this summer."

(See blog images of the REFORMATION TOUR 2013)


"You were the most apt, able and wonderful tour guide... Such enthusiasm and knowledge!

The folks who go on your tours get an unforgettable education! Thanks for

all of the blessings!" (Hymn Tour, England & Wales, 2012)


"It was such an incredible gift and challenge to me to see how Christ-centered you are..."


"The tour really was way more than we ever expected or imagined..."


"When is the next tour? We're on it!" (Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour, Scotland, 2011)

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