Thank you to all of you who crafted a resurrection hymn for this contest. I know it is hard work writing a hymn, but it is effort worth expending in the worship of our risen Redeemer. The prize winners and their hymns appear below.

How to enter:

1. Share this page on your social media sites.

2. Write a 3-stanza (minimum) hymn on the theme of Christ's resurrection

--write in conventional hymn meters: CM Common Meter 8686, or LM Long Meter 8888

--employ poetic conventions of rhyming, consistent meter, accents falling on the natural spoken accented syllables of words

--use biblical allusions and references

use figurative language appropriate to the theme

3. Submit to by Friday April 19, 2019 

PRIZES (all prize winners will receive my Rise & Worship New Reformation Hymns album):

Grand Prize is 50% discount for new registrants on my Oxford Creative Writing Master Class June 15-22, 2019

Laura Kimzey

O come and see the rising flame

Now lit from darkest night –

The shadow of past Friday’s noon

Is split by Sunday’s light.

The wrath of God now satisfied,

The price of justice paid,

Now come and see the sunlit place

The willing Victim laid.


O come and touch the heavy stone,

The seal of Caesar torn,

Come feel the strips of empty cloth

That bound His stricken form.

Feel now the blood upon the rock

And touch the open door

Through which Death’s angel sheathed his sword

And flew, to come no more.


O come and hear the song of birth

That spills now from the tomb!

An angel heralds life within

The dark, now barren womb.

O hush your weeping, hear His voice!

He calls you by your name!

And now, restoring, makes you His –

The joy for which He came.


O come and know His victor’s peace,

He breaks your walls of fear.

Come put your hand upon His own

And feel doubt disappear.

O come, believe the work is done,

He is not ghost nor fraud.

Realize the burning of your hearts,

Come call Him Lord and God.


O come and sing His triumph here,

His absence from the grave.

He is the firstfruits from the dead

Of those He came to save.

Come worship your Redeemer King!

No veil obstructs your praise.

Look at His face, fall at His feet

And sing, for Christ is raised!

1st Prize is 40% discount for new registrants on my Oxford Creative Writing Master Class June 15-22, 2019

Scot T. Burn

Were there ever darker night 
Than when for thou and me
Our blessed holy Saviour Christ 
Hung thus upon the tree?

And lest we in our frailness tend forget the moving parts
He bled there not for righteous men
But we of sin-dead hearts

And truly for His death that night
The people did applaud 
Wrath was in the cup alright
T’was wrath of Mighty God.

Forsaken by His Father then
This darkest night of doom
But brightest angels sent to men
Revealed the empty tomb

Like the paragon of paradox
how can these two things be
The darkest night which scattered flocks
Was brightest hope for me

Yea, darkest night He took our sin
and emptied many graves
Became the brightest clarion 
Proclaiming Jesus saves.

2nd Prize 25% discount for new registrants on my OCWMC June 15-22, 2019

Marcie Slagter

The curtain torn in two,

Oh, what a heart’ning sight!

A humble prayer could now reach heav’n,

His kinship now our right.


The sealed stone rolled away,

Two angels clothes in light,

The women bowed with faces down,

Their broken hearts in fright.


“Why do you seek Him here?

The living ‘mongst the dead?

He is not here; He is risen!

And this just as He said.”


Then they recalled His words,

Once precious, now proved true,

The first to witness fulfillment,

Of brokenness made new.


They ran to tell the others,

Desperate to share good news,

With their down-trodden brothers,

The Hope that none could lose.


Mary in the garden,

Tears clouding eyes so dim,

“If you’ve taken my Lord away,

Tell me where you’ve laid Him.”


With one word she saw Him,

Her savior and her friend.

The second time He’d called her name,

Imparted Hope again.


‘‘Twas evening on that day,

All locked up in their room,

He finally stood within their midst,

And proved the empty tomb.


Not put off by doubting,

“Behold my hands, my side,”

Each rejoiced in seeing his Lord,

A proof each could abide.


“Receive the Holy Spirit,”

He breathed on them and said, 

Then sent them out with Gospel Truth,

To bring Life to the dead.

3rd Prize 20% discount for new registrants on my OCWMC June 15-22, 2019

Terry Yount

At dawn, mute graves sweet peace betray;

Two Marys came, where Jesus lay;

An empty tomb they found that day!

Christ conquered death: Alleluia!


Then stood nearby an angel bright,

By fallen guards, subdued with fright;

A stone removed –a wondrous sight!

Christ conquered death: Alleluia!


The angel, spoke, “Fear not” he said,

“He isn’t here, he’s ris’n” –not dead;

No longer in his burial bed!

Christ conquered death: Alleluia!


So Christ, who came to die, was raised,

In glory, drawn to life, unphased

By death, his enemies amazed!

Christ conquered death: Alleluia!


All glory be to God alone,

And to his risen, chosen Son,

And to the Spirit –three in one!

Christ conquered death: Alleluia!

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