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Connected to War in the Wasteland
"Bond is a historian
with unusual insight."
Russ Pulliam
Indianapolis Star



Tour FRANCE with me in 2018, where cuisine and Gothic architecture were born, and where the Protestant Reformation began long before Luther. You will spend eleven rich and delightful days exploring the  grand splendors of Paris, Noyon (nearby Armistice railcar and Calvin’s birthplace), WW I reflective valley of the Somme, Arras, Thiepval (where Tolkien fought), Amiens Cathedral (largest in France--Notre Dame Paris could fit inside twice! Used as garrison in WWI), Mont Bernenchon (where CS Lewis was wounded), Rouen (Huguenot “safe place” and where Knox wintered while a galley slave), WW II Normandy (CS Lewis BBC broadcaster of hope), Dunkirk, Omaha Beach, Caen (where William the Conqueror is buried), Saint-Mere Eglise, Chartres—and more!

"I commend Doug's knowledge of Church history. I've heard very few people who have such an extensive knowledge of Church history and who really see it with all of the important distinctions." TIM CHALLIES

Western Front France is the setting of 


June 15-25, 2018 
Ground Cost Per Traveler $2850

Cost includes: luxury coach travel, entrance to museums, 20 scrumptious French meals, 10 night fine hotel stays, guided tours on the ground, fun, memories for a lifetime, and warm fellowship everyday!

Space is limited. REGISTER TODAY!

Payment Schedule:

$200 Deposit at registration

$800 First Payment, Fall, 2017

$1000 Second Payment February, 2018

Final Balance Due April 1, 2018

(previous tour) ITINERARY

JUNE 15-25, 2018

--PARIS (days 1 & 2):

Walking tour of

Reformation Paris, Calvin

as 14 year-old student;

Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples;

Farel; Blaise Pascal;

much more...

--NOYON (day 3):

Calvin birthplace; Armistice Museum nearby

--ARRAS (days 4-6): WW I sites in the Western Front:  Wellington Quarry; Musee de Somme; Thiepval; Grand Mine; Amiens;  Mont Bernenchon,where CS Lewis was wounded (setting of War in the Wasteland, my historical novel on teen atheist WW I 2/Lt CS Lewis); Vimy Ridge and many other WW I sites... and WW II Dunkirk

--DEAVILLE (day 7): Rouen, Huguenot sites, WW II bombardment

--CAEN (days 8 & 9):  Normandy, Omaha Beach, Saint-Mere Eglise, Pont du Hoc, others, including exploring Abbey des Hommes in Caen, Bayeux, Norman Conquest, and Church history sites throughout the region

--CHARTRES (day 10): Cathedral and centre ville; return to Paris

The tour is in June (15-25) when the poppies are in bloom and the weather is mild.



"Words really fail me here - if only I had Mr. Bond's talents!  I am so incredibly blessed. Your enthusiasm for history and literature are contagious." (UK and France Tour, 2010).

"It was such an incredible gift and challenge to me to see how Christ-centered you are..." (2014)

"The tour really was way more than we ever expected or imagined..." (2017)

"When is the next tour? We're on it!" (Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour, Scotland, 2011)

"Douglas Bond serves the church universal with these tours--and the fellowship is amazing!" (traveler on Rome to Geneva Tour 2015)


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"The Bond tour was one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. Thank you! God used the time in France to remind me of his love."

Along with WAR IN THE WASTELAND, Bond's novel THE BETRAYAL on John Calvin begins April, 1918, in Noyon, Calvin's birthplace--Important reads to get the most from the this tour. HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS  and GRACE WORKS (And Ways We Think It Doesn't) would be good ones  too.

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