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TOUR 2024


with author Douglas Bond

JUNE, 2024

Wittenberg--Mainz, Gutenberg Museum--Worms--Eisenach--Wartburg Castle--Erfurt Cathedral--Eisleben, Luther's Birthplace--Coburg Castle--Augsburg--Ulm--Heidelberg--Liepzig--Torgau--PRAGUE...

REFORMATION TOUR 2024 already has a number of people inquiring and interested. We will explore the important LUTHER sites in Germany as well as make our way to PRAGUE and sites related to the prerefomrer Jan Hus as well as ANNE of BOHEMIA, godly teenaged queen of Richard II.

April 18, 1521, Luther declared before Emperor Charles V, "Here I stand! I can do no otherwise. God help me, amen!"



"Words really fail me here - if only I had Mr. Bond's talents!  I am so incredibly blessed. Your enthusiasm for history and literature are contagious." (UK and France Tour, 2010).

"It was such an incredible gift and challenge to me to see how Christ-centered you are..." (2014)

"The tour really was way more than we ever expected or imagined..." (2017)

"When is the next tour? We're on it!" (Crown & Covenant Trilogy Tour, Scotland, 2011)

"Douglas Bond serves the church universal with these tours--and the fellowship is amazing!" (traveler on Rome to Geneva Tour 2015)

LUTHER 500 "Here I Stand!"  Itinerary (in process)

[Dates to be announced! Final Itinerary in process--but it will be a fantastic tour! Subscribe and shoot me an email so I can get you on the alreay growing roster for this tour]


June 22—Tuesday Day 1: arrive Berlin and meet up at 3:14 (be sure arrival flight is at least two hours before meet up time). Coach to Wittenberg (1:25)


June 23—Wednesday Day 2: Wittenberg all day; coach to Eisleben (1:36) Von Mansfield Hotel (2 night)


June 24—Thursday Day 3: Birthplace in Eisleben, baptism and last sermon churches (morning); lunch on their own in Eisleben; at 1:30 coach to Madgeburg (1:00); Mansfield (close); back to Von Mansfield Hotel for dinner


June 25—Friday Day 4: leave hotel; coach to Halle and Torgau (1:38); hotel and dinner in Leipzig (:57 from Torgau)


June 26—Saturday Day 5: coach to Grimma (:30) and Altenburg (:45); Erfurt Augustinian cloister stay for hotel dinner (2 nights)


June 27—Sunday Day 6: worship at Augustinian chapel (or church plant etc); Cathedral, Town Church, bridge, festivities, university; second night in hotel in Erfurt


June 28—Monday Day 7: coach to Coburg (1:30); castle all day; drive to Nurnberg (1:16) dinner and hotel in Nurnberg; night walk to cathedral


June 29—Tuesday Day 8: leave at 8:30 and coach to Augsburg (1:53); Augustinian monastery that Luther stayed at; grab lunch for coach to Dachau (:36) spend 3 hours here and hopefully meet up with Mattias Loman; coach back to Augsburg and dinner hotel


June 30—Wednesday Day 9: 8:30 start and drive to Ulm (1:00) for bathroom break, cathedral visit and get lunch for on coach drive Worms (2:27), arrive before dinner, visit cathedral and churches, at hotel (2 nights), evening visit to Reformation Luther statue


July 1—Thursday Day 10: coach to Heidelberg (:38),  (drop off those who want to walk across town and see the Church of Holy Ghost and take the cable car to castle with me; while the coach takes others up to the castle, they have coffee at café and leisure before entering castle all together) lunch in the castle grounds; two hours total in castle including lunch on their own; coach to Mainz (1:00), visit Gutenberg Museum, see cathedral if time, coach back to Worms (:43), final dinner and reprising the whole experience together


July 2: Friday Day 11: coach to Frankfurt for flights home (book flights for 12:00 or later; leaving hotel at 9:00 for airport; arriving at airport by 10:00)

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