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The Lord, Great Sovereign

“Then the Lord will appear over them, and his arrow will go forth like lightning;

the Lord God will sound the trumpet…” Zechariah 9:14

The Lord, Great Sovereign, shall appear,


His wand’ring sheep he’ll bring


From distant lands, through surging seas,


To shout before their King!



Deceitful shepherds, false and vain,


Have led his flock astray;


God's enemies he'll trample down,


Their lies he will repay.



With trumpet blast, the Lord appears,


His arrows flashing round;


He shields his flock, destroys his foes;


Glad vict’ry shouts will sound.



He makes his children mighty men,


They bend the battle bow;


So in God's strength, against the proud,


His foes they overthrow!



Restored, victorious, gathered in,


Their enemies o'ercome;


God’s children worship round his throne,


And in his name they run!



God’s bless’d, redeemed, and chosen ones,


His children shout and sing!


"All praise to Christ, the Cornerstone,


Triumphant, glorious King!"


 Douglas Bond, (Copyright, 2001)

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