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Christ the Head, the Humble Servant

New Reformation Hymn on the Head metaphor throughout Scripture

Christ the Head, the humble servant

Down from realms of glory sent.

God, Creator, now a stranger,

Infant head laid in a manger.

          Hail to Christ, the child anointed,

          From eternity appointed.


Head anointed, Lord, Messiah,

Clear-eyed prophet, scribe Isaiah,

Hailed the Servant King anointed,

From eternity appointed.

          Glory to the Son anointed,

          God-begotten and appointed.


On his head the Dove descended

Marked the path the cross transcended.

Faithful God-man, full obedience,

Holy, righteous, perfect reverence.

          Man of sorrows, King anointed,

          From eternity appointed.


Laid aside his heavenly station

To redeem his royal nation;

Pierced with nails, his head with thorns

While the cruel world scoffs and scorns.

          Hail the King of kings anointed,

          Everlastingly appointed.


Jesus crushed the serpent’s head,

Now in glorious triumph led;

Head adorned with victor’s crown,

His chosen ones with praise resound.

          You are worthy, Lamb appointed;

Hail King Jesus, God anointed.


Douglas Bond © January 27, 2020

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