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"One of America's most impressive Christian storytellers

...historical fiction at its mesmerizing best!"

Dr. Darren J. Middleton


Douglas Bond, author of more than thirty books, father of six, and grandfather of six--and counting. He is Director for the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, two-time Grace Award finalist, adjunct instructor in Church history, recent advisory member to the national committee for Reformed University Fellowship,  award-winning teacher, speaker at conferences, and leader of Church history tours in Europe. Full profile


Losing Your Mind--The Insanity of the Gospel

"He's bonkers," they used to say of someone with insanity. In WW I, "He's blighty," they would refer to a soldier with shell shock. Some call it mental illness, PTSD, dementia, early-onset dementia, or Alzheimer's. Whatever society calls it, we feel that something is not right about someone's words and behavior. "Have you lost your mind?" we say when something is not connecting the way the rest of us feel like it ought to connect. Or the way it used to connect. BECOMING A CHILD AGAIN In the last years of his life, my father-in-law slowly, incrementally, lost his mind. Once a can-do-anything man, an ironworker, certified to weld every ore on the planet, developed Alzheimer's and has since p

FEAR: Don't Be Afraid to Admit It

"We're going on a bear hunt. We're not scared," reads the charming, safe-scary children's board book. Forget bear hunting; the fact is, most of us are scared--afraid--a good deal of the time. I'd like to pound my chest and tell you that I am never afraid. O, I used to be when I was a little 'fraidy-cat kid and didn't know any better, but now that I'm a grown man, I've conquered my childish fears and march unafraid into the fray. But it would be a lie. A pretty big one. I turned fifty-nine in 2017, and I've been calling my hair "premature" gray (now very much, white) for a number of years. My wife informs me it's well past time to drop the adjective. Birthdays are supposed to be happy occasi



"The Resistance is quite a work. I read it in one sitting--all the way through. Bond has an extraordinary ability to capture the nature of minds at war. All the ambiguities. All the inhumanities. All the stress of war and flying, the camaraderie, the sense of responsibility--brilliant throughout."

       Marvin Padgett, Executive Director

       Great Commissions Publications 


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