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"One of America's most impressive Christian storytellers

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Dr. Darren J. Middleton


Douglas Bond, author of more than thirty books, father of six, and grandfather of six--and counting. He is Director for the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, two-time Grace Award finalist, adjunct instructor in Church history, recent advisory member to the national committee for Reformed University Fellowship,  award-winning teacher, speaker at conferences, and leader of Church history tours in Europe. Full profile


Writing a Carol--An Act of Literary Suicide

There's so many wonderful Christmas carols, only a poetic nutcase would attempt to write a new one. Okay, that would be me. New Reformation Hymns (NRH 09), "What wonder filled the starry night," is intended to be just that, a Christmas carol. Insanity! you say. Only a moron would attempt to write a Christmas carol, much less post it and put on display the extent of his carol-crafting delusion. Okay, you're probably right. But it's too late. I've already posted it. Greg Wilbur (and others) has already written and recorded music for it. "The deed is done and cannot be undone" (something is clearly amiss when one finds oneself quoting Lady Macbeth). In part because of such fears, early scri

Is This Dying? (excerpt from THE RESISTANCE)

3 HELL FIRE For an instant, as Evans free fell from the spiraling bomber, he was certain the right wing was going to pound into his body like the arm of a giant windmill. Hot black smoke engulfed him, choking him, the heat from the burning engines suffocating him, singeing his hair. The ground rushing closer. Why had he not gone into the infantry? As God intended, both feet firmly on the ground? He hated heights, always had. “Keep your eyes on the instruments and fly the plane,” his father had knowingly advised him. He didn’t remember pulling the ripcord. Just a violent wrenching as his chute harness tried to crush the breath out of him, then nausea, and wincing pain in his left shoulder. Th



"The Resistance is quite a work. I read it in one sitting--all the way through. Bond has an extraordinary ability to capture the nature of minds at war. All the ambiguities. All the inhumanities. All the stress of war and flying, the camaraderie, the sense of responsibility--brilliant throughout."

       Marvin Padgett, Executive Director

       Great Commissions Publications 


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