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"One of America's most impressive Christian storytellers

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Dr. Darren J. Middleton


Douglas Bond, author of more than thirty books, father of six, and grandfather of six--and counting. He is Director for the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, two-time Grace Award finalist, adjunct instructor in Church history, recent advisory member to the national committee for Reformed University Fellowship,  award-winning teacher, speaker at conferences, and leader of Church history tours in Europe. Full profile


Reformation Romance: Love and Marriage Luther and Katie's Way

“He’s merely a monk who wants a wife,” so the pope dismissed Martin Luther when first he heard of the Saxon monk’s decrying of the papacy. But then in 1521, during his compelled sequester in the Wartburg Castle, Luther began hearing of many former priests taking wives. “Good heavens!” he retorted. “They won’t give me a wife.” Even his colleagues Carlstadt and Melanchthon had married. But Luther was, at first, adamant, no one was going to give him a wife. Not that he was a sexless stone, but it made no sense for a man under the sentence of heresy, the stake looming, to marry—only to leave his bride a widow. Perhaps the matrimonial news prompted Luther to set aside his German translation of th

Grunting Hogs & Braying Asses--How Not to Sing in Church

WORSHIP AND IDOLATRY The late Kurt Cobain likely did not have a clue he was screaming the anthem of an entire generation in his 1991 hit “Entertain us.” With the lights out it’s less dangerous; Here we are now entertain us. I feel stupid and contagious; Here we are now entertain us. Cobain and many pop musical entertainers like him became the idols of a youth culture that wanted what they were delivering, entertainment. But, tragically, it was not only the teen spirit of the unbelieving world that joined in the mantra “entertain us.” Christians in the contemporary church have been stumbling over themselves to catch up with the world. The transformation is nearly complete. We have refashioned



"The Resistance is quite a work. I read it in one sitting--all the way through. Bond has an extraordinary ability to capture the nature of minds at war. All the ambiguities. All the inhumanities. All the stress of war and flying, the camaraderie, the sense of responsibility--brilliant throughout."

       Marvin Padgett, Executive Director

       Great Commissions Publications 


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