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Augustus Toplady

Augustus Toplady


Bitesize Biography - 112 Pages


Few men have been more misunderstood and misrepresented than Toplady. When I was talking to a friend and colleague of mine about writing on Toplady, his remark was typical of my thinking and I suspect of most people's thinking about Toplady: "He was a pretty cranky controversialist, wasn't he?"

Au contraire, mon frère! What I discovered in Toplady's private writings, hymns--many more than Rock of Ages--and other writings, was a young, passionate, gifted, and single-minded lover of Christ and his gospel. He died at thirty-eight of TB, and one can only wonder what more he could have accomplished had he lived longer. This was a man who preached, pastored, wrote scholarly treatises, and crafted hymns, "as a dying man to dying men," as Baxter has it.

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