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Faith & Freedom Trilogy Study Guide

Faith & Freedom Trilogy Study Guide

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"A tale of America's revolutionary beginning, told with strength and truth--intriguing, accurate concerning America's history, and free of political correctness. Here Providence is actively at work in the lives of the honorable commander George Washington and the gospel-believing patriots. Take up and read!" PETER LILLBACK, President, The Providence Forum


Sample study questions from book 2:

  • Why must Ian M’Kethe wait so long before shooting his prey?  What did you think he was shooting at? What is his prey? Looking back on the chapter, what clues did the author give that make sense when you know the end of the chapter? (3)
  • Why must Ian be on his guard when hunting a mere turkey? Find a direct quotation for your answer. (4)
  • Why does Ian’s grandfather caution him against gloating? What is one doing when one gloats? Who do you think Ian’s grandfather is? What clues has the author given you to help draw tentative conclusions? (4)
  • How does the author show the reader that Ian is not so sure he wants a gun? Why is Ian reluctant about getting a gun? Can you identify with his reluctance? Discuss. (7-8)
  • What can the reader learn from the oxen, Dun and Dee? What biblical character also was taught by a beast? (11)
  • What is the joke Ian and his grandfather enjoy while picking stones and repairing walls? Read Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall, and see if you can find some similarities. What about Frost’s life and experience might have contributed to him writing this poem? (13)
  • What does Ian long to do? Who in the Crown & Covenant Trilogy had done the same when he was Ian’s age? (16)
  • What did the M’Kethe’s believe there was no room for in the Holy Writ? What did the advertisement say that got Aunt Jennie’s ire up? Was her anger justified? Should she have spoken up about her concerns? What other ways might she have done it to be more winsome? (19)
  • Who stirs the Indians up to raid? Why? (20)
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