History Timeline: where Bond books fit in history (Free)
  • History Timeline: where Bond books fit in history (Free)

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    Where Douglas Bond’s Books fit in history

    “Douglas Bond is a historian with unusual insight.” Russ Pulliam, Indianapolis Star


    HOSTAGE LANDS -- 3rd century Roman Britain


    HAND OF VENGEANCE -- 8th century Anglo-Saxon


    THE ACCIDENTAL VOYAGE -- 2nd-13th century Europe


    THE REVOLT -- 14th century England, John Wycliffe (adult and mature young adult readers)


    GIROLAMO SAVONAROLA Heart Aflame --- 15th century Italy


    HAMMER OF THE HUGUENOTS--1560s, Renaissance Reformation France


    LUTHER IN LOVE – 16th century Reformation, Life of Martin Luther (adult and mature young adult readers)


    THE BETRAYAL -- 16th century Reformation, Life of John Calvin (adult and mature readers)


    THE THUNDER -- 16th century Reformation, Life of John Knox (adult and mature readers)


    THE MIGHTY WEAKNESS OF JOHN KNOX -- 16th c. Scotland


    CROWN & COVENANT TRILOGY --1666-1681, Scotland/England




    AUGUSTUS TOPLADY Debtor to Mercy Alone – 18th c.


    FAITH & FREEDOM TRILOGY -- 1740-1779, American colonies, War for Independence, and Jacobite Rebellion


    MR PIPES & PSALMS AND HYMNS OF THE REFORMATION -- 16th and 17th century Europe


    MR. PIPES & THE BRITISH HYMN MAKERS -- 17th-19th century England/Scotland/Wales


    MR. PIPES COMES TO AMERICA --17th-20th century America


    THE BATTLE OF SEATTLE – PNW Indian War 1850s


    WAR IN THE WASTELAND – 1914-1918 World War I (CS Lewis in WWI, embedded Christian apologetics)


    THE RESISTANCE--1944 World War II (CS Lewis, the BBC voice of faith in WWII)


    GRACE WORKS! (And Ways We Think It Doesn’t) – traces ways we corrupt the gospel throughout church history, with study guide for families, homeschool, Christian school Bible classes, small groups, Sunday School classes. 


    STAND FAST and HOLD FAST – for fathers and sons to read together with study guide


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