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God's Servant RUTH, A Poem With a Promise
  • God's Servant RUTH, A Poem With a Promise

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    God’s Servant Ruth tells the story of Naomi, Boaz, and Ruth in verse. This beautifully illustrated book explains foundational theology for younger children as it points to a glorious Redeemer.


    "This is another must-read book from Douglas Bond. ...a beautiful and creative poem, revealing God's redemptive plan." Rachel Maish


    "Anything by Douglas Bond is wonderful!" (unsolicited book reviewer)


    "The details in this poem are incredible! You will learn so much and see Jesus throughout Ruth!" Story Time with ES 


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    Naomi experienced great loss in her life, stripped of everything, lonely, forsaken—or so she felt. All she had was a cling-on foreign widow who had also been stripped of everything, both their lives empty of everything but compounded woe.



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