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God Sings! (And Ways We Think He Ought To) + Free Rise & Worship cd
  • God Sings! (And Ways We Think He Ought To) + Free Rise & Worship cd

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    Preorder a signed copy and receive a FREE Rise & Worship cd from my New Reformation Hymns! Imminently forthcoming; book and cd will pay domestic shipping. Amazon can't do all that for you.


    GOD SINGS! (And Ways We Think He Ought To) is a book that brings together many of the things I have been writing and speaking about for twenty years (beginning with the Mr Pipes books). In God Sings I compare and contrast the biblical and historic ethos of worship in the Church for two millenia with the entertainment ethos of the last generation or so. Here's what advance reviewers are saying about the book:

    “If, as the Bible tells us, the Spirit-filled life is expressed in the singing of ‘psalms, hymns and spiritual songs’ (Eph.5:19), it is surely vital to know how best we should do that. In God Sings!, Douglas Bond provides us with a sure, biblically faithful and robustly theological guide to thoughtful, God-centered, Christ-exalting, gospel-magnifying praise. In an evangelical world increasingly noted more for triviality than substance, God Sings! is a clarion call to the church to give God the praise of which he alone is worthy.”

    DR. IAN HAMILTON teaches Pastoral Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary; and Historical Theology at Westminster Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Newcastle, England; and is a Trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust


    “…an inspiringly fresh perspective on the state of congregational singing in contemporary worship, genuine and transparent. Bond’s thought-provoking observations are great lessons for anyone passionate about Christ-centered worship. God Sings! is a must-read, especially for musicians who lead worship in their local church.”

    MARION READ, professional singer, music educator, and pianist/music director at Myers Road Baptist Church.


    Words and music matter in worship, because words and music matter to God. As author Douglas Bond reminds us, He is a God who sings, after all, and our singing, poetry, and music are to reflect Him. In this collection of essays, Bond assesses the state of today’s worship and argues compellingly for a recovery of God-honoring, artistically-excellent texts and tunes in the church. An even-handed yet witty treatment of a delicate subject, God Sings! is a wonderful read—as engaging as it is important. It would be impossible not to come away from this book without an appreciation for the best of sacred poetry and praise. So, take up and read—or perhaps better, take up and sing!”

    JONATHAN LANDRY CRUSE, pastor, hymn writer, and author of Hymns of Devotion, The Christian’s True Identity, and What Happens When We Worship

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