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Hand of Vengeance

Hand of Vengeance


"What could be better than an intriguing mystery, a little romance, and a short sojourn in a place and time that’s little known and less understood?  Douglas Bond shines a light on the past in a way that’s as entertaining as it is informative."

Janie B. Cheaney, Senior Writer, WORLD magazine

Learn more and listen to an audio excerpt of HAND OF VENGEANCE , 8th-century Anglo-Saxon tale. 

"This really is a magnificent book. It was written with the mind of a lawyer and the pen of a poet.” 17-year-old reader 

"Magnificent! The whole thing reads aloud so well, like a sung ballad in its words and cadence. Amazing."  Mother of three

“Well, as much as I loved the Crown and Covenant Trilogy and thought they were written well, this new book is on a different planet.  I love it!” 11-year-old reader

"What a great yarn!  The story thread worked very well, not predictably, and with enough twists and turns to keep attention riveted.  It read great, both aloud and silently.  I applaud the flow and cadence."

"Your descriptiveness is wonderfully done and strikes the mark, providing depth and nuance, and immersing the reader in a certain beauty of word and mind-picture."

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